Come Up to My Room 2010

Gladstone Hotel, Room 206, Come Up to My Room, Material Surveillance: What’s Underneath, January 2010, Lorella Di Cintio and Jonsara Ruth


Room 206 shows a view into the basement of the Gladstone Hotel. On the floor there is a projected ‘window’ into the basement, looking down into the workings of what makes this place tick.


A live feed image shows the elevator mechanical system, which is housed under the 
elevator car. When the elevator is in use, the wheels and cables move.


Others images are still and show things significant to the building 
history or the workings of the place. Beer kegs, gauge, laundry, stone foundations, electrical system, ice scoop, 
wireless Internet routers, ducts, prep sink, dish washing, storage 
shelves, trash.


The  installation works transform the perception and experience of places. They intervene with existing spaces aiming to re-contextualize settings and historical meaning. Frequently, political and ethical viewpoints are melded within the beauty of the surface, space or object.


About the collaboration

Since 1997, Di Cintio and Ruth’ s collaborative work addresses notions of dormancy, anonymity of makers and interior landscapes. Their work has been exhibited in museums, galleries and private collections.